Sneaks, Trainers and a Girl’s Decision

by All Things Dark And Beautiful

Christian Louboutin Alfie Flats

So in a world where money was no object I would probably get these but, not sure about the patent, needs some studs maybe…

I have been looking for the perfect new pair of trainers for the past 6 months now and can’t find any! There are so many awesome mens footwear collaborations but all the girls ones are shocking and when there are collaborations the outcome product is always pink.

I came very close to getting these Alexander Mcqueen for Puma Mids but spent the money that I was supposed to spend on them elsewhere…

Alexander McQueen for Puma Mid

The gill like detail and metallic Puma signature are striking but not too in your face which is perfect for all-the-time wear.

Recently, I’ve been walking passed this pair of Nike Blazer Mid Aztecs for about a week now and have grown quite fond of them. I’m not a print person mind but love the leather trim detailing.

Nike Blazer Mid Aztec

I’ve always wanted a pair of Vans but not wanting to go for the all black low hipster staple, I found these suede, metallic detail Hadley’s have a recognisable Vans shape but has a bit of personality too, however (sods fucking law) were the first pair I fell in love with but found out are only available in the States and sold out anyway.

Vans Hadley

As previously mentioned, Vans do amazing collaborations for mens footwear and have an awesome Vault and OTW range that explore their design potential, extending from the traditional Vans silhouettes. But the smallest size that these come in is a Uk7 so that only guys (and girls with bigger feet) can benefit from having good-looking shoes.


Supra Chad Muska Skytops Black Croc Suede

Alejandro Ingelmo SS12

So I think my love of everything leather and black with studs is quite evident throughout these 3 pairs.The Alejandro Ingelmo sneaks I think I’m attracted to only because they’re beautifully lit and shot… so they’re not going to look like that when I’m walking down the London streets.

Trainers are, at the end of the day, as with all garments, about the way they look and how they reflect your personal style and personality.  However, as with society, people judge, subconsciously or otherwise, via the label. So as much as I like the Supra Skytops  they’re pretty chunky. But I like chunky… As for the studded Nike Blazer Mids very subtle = nice, metallic swoosh, mmm, not so much.


I found the Vans metallic tip Hadley’s in at a secret secret supplier! HURRAHH!!