Store Review: BOXPARK Shoreditch

by All Things Dark And Beautiful



Is right next to Shoreditch High Street Station, London.

In short: a load of shipping containers, painted black and stacked on top of each other, rented out on short leases to brands.

Brands: Vans, The North Face, Cyber Candy, Puma, Irregular Choice, Nike…

Cyber Candy

Highlight:  The OTW range in Vans even if they don’t stock all the good stuff in a size 37 and maybe these shoes from Irregular Choice; JW Anderson eat your heart out

Thoughts: A clever retail idea with a pop up store feel, a unique shopping experience that is very suited in its East End Location.

I do feel sorry for the sales assistants though; the front of the containers are, a lot of the time, left open to welcome customers into the small shop floor, however, it being December and all it is verrrry cold.

I’ve been looking forward to its opening for about a year now and now that it’s here I’m glad. However, bottom floor=awesome, second floor though when I went on a Thursday evening was lifeless; there were a few cafes but the beautifully laid wooden floor was empty and the open space made me think that if you were to get stuck there on a rainy day it would not be so fun.