A Piece of Fashion History in Bath

by All Things Dark And Beautiful

Those awkward few days between Christmas and New Year, when you feel like you should be doing something besides eating all that chocolate and watching those  ‘Best of 2011’ programmes, I spent in the beautiful Bath.

Photography of Bath by Natasha Mok

Amongst the unmistakable Georgian stone buildings is Bath’s Fashion Museum. It kind of reminded me of House of Wax, and had it been empty I would have been thoroughly creeped out by the well dressed mannequins.

A host of wedding dresses from centuries past greet you as you enter, accompanied by high quality black and white photographs of their owners.

Next was a room of 19th Century treasures. The outfits were presented in glass rooms, that were dressed with contemporary style objects and props. Below are a few of my favourites

This led onto a timeline of fashion, dating from the 19th Century to present day. What we wear ‘now’ in the 2000s is highly debatable… This is one of my favourite photos I took that day, can’t remember the decade though…

At the end of this timeline was an exhibition of the work of Helmut Lang, who creates some of  the most interesting looks with a black silhouette. 

 Other highlights included Vivienne Westwood’s Dress of the Year 2010…


…and the corset and crinoline room where you can try on some body shaping garments of the 19th Century!