Sorapol AW12 Iron Grip Show at The Old Vic Tunnels

by All Things Dark And Beautiful

The Old Vic Tunnels

Down in South London, in the walls of a designated graffiti area lies the damp smelling, raw brick tunnels where Sorapol chose to host their Autumn Winter 2012 show ‘Iron Grip’.

Blackcurrant and menthe cocktails quenched our thirst as we stood admiring the many different outfits of the Sorapol audience. An anything goes vibe where a fully crystallized head or gimp suit wearing person might trigger a few looks but would still be able to walk about not worrying about getting beat up.

As the likes of Boy George and Jodie Harsh took their seats, the Russian influenced Collection saw a theatrical opening with smoke billowing and war zone sounds, a juxtaposition to the slow walking models in dangerously high heels.

The first look saw a regal cloak and floor skimming dress which perfectly set the tone for the collection.

Sorapol AW12 Look 1

Following this, Look 2 was contoured with bullet shells set on a rich red fabric that clung to the model.

Sorapol AW12 Look 2

My favourite look of the collection, Look 3 was a red furry skin vision, bound at the back with heavy draping I just wanted to reach out and feel the fabric.

Sorapol AW12 Look 3

Sorapol AW12 Look 4

The first of the furry looks, complete with furry shoes, this coat/dress concoction had beautiful embroidery detail on the back which made the could-have-been-too-drag-like look all that more luxury.

Sorapol AW12 Look 5

An interesting shape for the fifth look. A soft looking black fur dress worn with a restricting floor length skirt styled with an unnecessary skull…

Sorapol AW12 Look 6

Nicely following Look 5, this look saw a heavier take on the black fur, styled with a subtle sparkling clutch and first of the fully encrusted war-time helmets.

Sorapol AW12 Look 7

The most interesting styled look; this stylish-robo influenced look saw thigh high lace up boots contrasted with a fine, soft flowing multi-pleated dress. I liked the juxtaposition.

Sorapol AW12 Look 8

A very majestic look, the military green trimmed dress’ most impressive part was the back, where clever pattern cutting made the fabric jut out.

Sorapol AW12 Look 9

The headpiece in Look 9 reminded me of a Stephen Jones creation, the coat of Cruella Deville; shame the look was finished with glittery gold heels that had a very shallow top. Made it look a bit amateurish.

Sorapol AW12 Look 10

One of my favourite looks, the fox tail touch added class. The best bit was the contrast of fur with the soft armour and movement of the skirt.

Sorapol AW12 Look 11

Impressive origami folded fabric adorned the metallic bronze top with an Evil Eye sitting amongst the folds.

Sorapol AW12 Look 12

Ice-Queen-esque, Look 12 was a contrast of harsh metallic structures and soft demure virgin white fur.

Sorapol AW12 Look 13

Fluid beauty, worn with a strong fully encrusted helmet, Look 13 presented an interesting shape and beautiful embroidery on the train.

Sorapol AW12 Look 14

Super sparkly Look 14, heel-less metallic silver boots, and thigh flaring military shape trousers. Avoided tacky with the extreme use of crystal= can be hard to do.

Sorapol AW12 Look 15

The penultimate look was an interesting silhouette, created by a solid metallic garment that exaggerated the hips. The same fabric was used to create wing like shoulders on which draped the wedding like fabric. Strong and soft at the same time. A running theme of the whole collection.

The final look was a firm metallic dress with white layered fabric which made it near impossible for the model to walk in. Creative Director, Daniel Lismore helped her manage a few steps, but was an impressive showpiece to finish the show with.